Attending ACM CECL Workshop, Prague

As a community, ACM brings together people from education, research, industry and practice with a variety of skills and expertise. In Europe, such a society can break down the barriers of countries and unite researchers, practitioners and students under the umbrella of building a better tomorrow through technology. Through the diversity that such a community encompasses, different expertise and dynamic can spark innovative and unique solutions.

Through this workshop our chapter provided practical examples of how to employ different techniques and methods to celebrate women in computing in a small, location-wise disconnected, but a yet enthusiastic island. From our personal experiences, in Cyprus the need to participate in such events is high, but the opportunities are little and difficult to approach. Also, such activities are often disguised as “male-friendly” discouraging women and girls from participating. By allowing young girls and female students to learn more about their opportunities, we can increase their participation in the computing community.


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