ACM-W chapters around the world aim to support women in computing by celebrating the engagement of women with the computing community locally, but also as part of ACM-W in Europe and internationally. 

Participating in the chapter as a member, offers opportunities in enjoying the support of ACM-W for computing-related initiatives, as well as for organising such initiatives, for networking with other ACM-W members and engaging in activities that expand your opportunities in the computing field.

For ACM-W Cyprus, it is of vital importance to bring together women from the area of computing in order to enhance a higher level of commitment and understanding. An ACM-W chapter enhances further engagement of women in the field of computing, advancing and advocating their presence in the area.

The ACM-W Cyprus chapter was co-founded in 2015 by Josephina Antoniou and Antigoni Parmaxi.  

The activities of the Cyprus chapter focus on events related to local universities, e.g. programming competitions, professional networking events, e.g. WomenPower workshops, etc. You can find a list of events under the Events/Initiatives tab. 

We encourage ACM-W Cyprus members to be members of ACM (i.e. professional or student membership) as well but this is not a requirement, as long as you are participating in local computing studies or work. 

Opportunities for you to join, e.g. participate in an event will be advertised on the website or sent by email to the list of members (, in which you will be added as well. In addition to the local website, you may find opportunities that are of interest to you in the European and international ACM-W websites:

To date, our chapter has organized a number of activities to educate, support and inspire women about their opportunities in the field of computing in industry and academia, contributing to the ACM community.
For example, members of our chapter have been active members and associates of hackathons and digital challenges such as NASA Space Apps Challenge, increasing the number of female participants in the past two years. 

Furthermore, through the promotion of these and similar events, we encouraged female students to be active participants in the computing community. 

Another instance of our activities is through collaborations with local events and online tools to bring together mentors and mentees. Through WomenPower community, we organized mentoring fairs,  ACM-W celebrations and workshops with inspiring talks to allow pre-college girls and female students to learn more about computing by asking local and international mentors. 

Through local events, we celebrated women in computing to allow inspiring women to share the personal stories and how they overcame obstacles in their professional lives. Inspiring and empowering younger members of the university to overcome difficulties and aim high.