WomenPower Symposium – A Celebration of Women in Computing

Over 200 participants from Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland and USA, attended the Womenpower Symposium 2016 that took place at Cyprus University of Technology on the 16th of November. Womenpower is the third seminar of this series, aiming to support and empower women in their professional development in technology related areas. The... Continue Reading →

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Why is it important for you to be an ACM member? ACM allows individual members to take their career to the next level. Through digital libraries and access to the latest research, individuals are inspired by people in the forefront of technology. Working on problems of today for a better tomorrow. Furthermore, through the ACM... Continue Reading →

Attending ACM CECL Workshop, Prague

As a community, ACM brings together people from education, research, industry and practice with a variety of skills and expertise. In Europe, such a society can break down the barriers of countries and unite researchers, practitioners and students under the umbrella of building a better tomorrow through technology. Through the diversity that such a community... Continue Reading →

WomenPower Fair 2016

ACM-W-CYPRUS successfully organized a networking event at Cyprus University of Technology! During the event women across different schools and universities in Cyprus came together for three inspiring talks: "The social obstacles and the glass ceiling: how can we move forward" by Argentoula Ioannou "Inspiring Women: The Mythbusters" by Irene Polycarpou. "What’s the gender of Technology? -... Continue Reading →

WomenPower Fair 2015

The fair aimed to ‘inspire, empower and link women mentors and mentees’, and focused on the current state of gender-related issues in Cyprus as well as the challenges that women are faced with, in terms of social, career and personal development. The WomenPower team had the privilege to host a number of women in key... Continue Reading →

Womenpower Platform

Womenpower (WE-ME) platform intends to link women mentors and mentees together to increase collaboration, support and solidarity between different generations of women. Think of it as a “TripAdvisor for Women”! Through Womenpower, young women get the opportunity to receive support with regard to self-improvement, self-esteem, personal and social power and solidarity from experienced women in... Continue Reading →

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