Events / Invitiatives

Attending ACM CECL Workshop, Prague

As a community, ACM brings together people from education, research, industry and practice with a variety of skills and expertise. In Europe, such a society can break down the barriers of countries and unite researchers, practitioners and students under the umbrella of building a better tomorrow through technology. Through the diversity that such a community... Continue Reading →

WomenPower Fair 2016

ACM-W-CYPRUS successfully organized a networking event at Cyprus University of Technology! During the event women across different schools and universities in Cyprus came together for three inspiring talks: "The social obstacles and the glass ceiling: how can we move forward" by Argentoula Ioannou "Inspiring Women: The Mythbusters" by Irene Polycarpou. "What’s the gender of Technology? -... Continue Reading →

WomenPower Fair 2015

The fair aimed to ‘inspire, empower and link women mentors and mentees’, and focused on the current state of gender-related issues in Cyprus as well as the challenges that women are faced with, in terms of social, career and personal development. The WomenPower team had the privilege to host a number of women in key... Continue Reading →

Womenpower Platform

Womenpower (WE-ME) platform intends to link women mentors and mentees together to increase collaboration, support and solidarity between different generations of women. Think of it as a “TripAdvisor for Women”! Through Womenpower, young women get the opportunity to receive support with regard to self-improvement, self-esteem, personal and social power and solidarity from experienced women in... Continue Reading →

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