The 2019 Cyprus Collegiate Programming Contest

The ICPC-Cyprus 2019 is the national programming competition sponsored by ACM ICPC, CCS, Digital Champion, GCC, XM and Cablenet for university students, organised for the first time in 2017. The competition gives the opportunity to teams of Computing students from different universities in Cyprus to interact, and to demonstrate their problem-solving, programming and teamwork skills. The winning team gets to represent Cyprus in the corresponding European Competition and if successful, moves on to the international ICPC finals, held each year in the USA by ACM.

The contest represents the geographic area of Cyprus. The contest is sponsored by CCS, XM, GCC, ACM-W, InSPIRE. The local website is available here. The contact email address is

The contest dates are June 08, 2019 – June 08, 2019

The registration is open between May 06, 2019 – to be determined

Registration close on June 6th, 2019.


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